The idea

Reinventing the parts supply chain

In today’s digital world, the established system of spare parts supply feels dated. Centralized production sites, extensive warehousing and the complex logistics of shipping componentsaround the globe contradict the idea of a fast, flexible and environmentally sound supplychain.

While decentralized manufacturing with the help of conventional methods like turning or milling as well as new disruptive methods like 3D printing is a smart solution, the concept has – until now – faced some challenges. The main issue: Suppliers need to safeguard their intellectual property and ensure that their components are not reproduced in unlimited numbers.

That’s why we started developing DeMa. The platform uses NFT-based blockchain technology to exchange production data between suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers securely and with an integrated payment system. DeMa facilitates decentralized parts manufacturing directly at the point of use, in exactly the numbers that are needed – and paid for.

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How it works

Trading tokenized parts

In a nutshell, the DeMa platform employs principles used in Decentralized Finance for cryptocurrency. First, DeMa tokenizes production data, creating a unique digital twin of the component. This digital twin can then be sold and traded in form of a NFT Token.

Original Equipment Manufacturers purchase the NFT Token from a virtual warehouse. When they redeem the token at their point of use, they receive the encrypted production data for single use. Once the manufacturing of the part is finished, the NFT Token is invalidated (burned), and a payment based on a DeMa-native cryptocurrency is issued automatically.

Your Benefits

The DeMa platform enables …

the minimization of warehousing

simple and fair payment through tokens

the generation of new digital sources of income

a flexible and transparent supply chain

the secure and quantity-based trade of tokenized parts

a smaller CO2 footprint due to a reduced flow of goods

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